Due to construction on several campuses, Smith County Schools will not have open house prior to the start of school.  Instead we would like to invite parents of kindergarten, first, and second grade students to bring their children to school on the first day of school August 6th, 2015, at 8:30 a.m. to allow you to meet your child’s teachers and find their classroom.


All Smith County School District staff, certified and non certified, will meet at Taylorsville Auditorium at 8 a.m. on Monday, August 3, 2015, for the opening session of the 2015-2016 school year.

Raleigh Elementary is now registering Kindergarten and new students 1st - 6th Grade.

Mize Elementary will register Kindergarten and new students 1st - 6th on July 29th & 30th.

Taylorsville Elementary will register Kindergarten and new students 1st - 6th on July 29th, 30th, and 31st.

Refer to the student handbook for required residency documents.

Click here for 3rd Grade Test Results 


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The Children First Annual Report can be downloaded here.
The first day of school for all students is Thursday, August 6th. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the supply list for each elementary school. 


Our purpose, our mission in the Smith County School District is to provide learning opportunities that will challenge and encourage our students to succeed, and enable them to become productive and well adjusted citizens in an ever-changing society.  Recognizing that all students have worth, dignity, and individual needs and talents, we continually strive to adapt the Smith County School District’s education program to encompass a diverse student population.

The mission of our school district also includes instilling in each student those values and attitudes that would develop ethical character, love of country and worthy family membership.  We also believe that we have a responsibility to foster good personal and community health by providing clean, comfortable, safe and attractive school facilities.  We are charged with stressing the development of good personal health habits and providing a nutritious and well-balanced food service.  Finally, we believe that our mission is to adequately prepare students for a successful future in the world of work or additional formal education upon their graduation from our schools.

To obtain these purposes, this district has established these goals:

  1. To help each child master the skills and obtain the competencies required to function in today’s and tomorrow’s society.
  2. To promote the good health and well being of each student.
  3. To prepare each child for entry into college or the job market.

The new Smith County School District website is online!  Quite a bit has changed, so feel free to browse and familiarize yourself with the new site.  Many links and pages have been consolidated into the menus above.  Hover your mouse over a link (District, Teachers, Parents, etc…), and a menu will appear below containing various links to pages in that category.  To return to the home page at any time, click the “Home” link.


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Download this file (3rd Grade Reading mkas2.pdf)MKAS[MKAS Results]1355 Kb
Download this file (Children First Report.pdf)Children First Report[Children First Report SCSD]76 Kb
Download this file (Mize Supply List.pdf)Mize 2015 - 2016 Supply List[Mize 2015 - 2016 Supply List]26 Kb
Download this file (RES Supply List.pdf)RES 2015 - 2016 Supply List[RES 2015 - 2016 Supply List]47 Kb
Download this file (TES Supply List.pdf)TES 2015 - 2016 Supply List[TES 2015 - 2016 Supply List]23 Kb